Pre-Alpha 2.0

This version, like the previous 2, had major changes, like Captain Major Rank V "BESTOFTHEBESTOFTHEBEST, SIR!" changes. This changelog is going to be a work in progress as I add and change pages on this wiki, but I will also make a note of what I changed on the pages to make documentation easier.

Changes thus far:

  • Removed Races: Fae, Half-Breed, Demi
  • Added Races: Anthromorphs, Celestials,
  • Reworked Race: Grek
  • Added CAS: Grit
  • Reworked Skills: Aim, Strike, Cast
  • Reworked Weapon Damage

Hypothetical Changes (Not Documented on Wiki)

  • Added Feature: Action Compounding
  • Removed Resource: Charges
  • Added Resource: Aether
  • ...And Many More...

Pre-Alpha 1.0

This version is when I finally started noticing the trends I wanted to go with. I was able to refine a lot of things down in here from the previous speculation. On the plus side, I was able to play a good amount of games with my friends.

  • Switched to a d100 roll
  • Reworked Skills
  • Reworked Defenses
  • Reworked Attacks
  • Added Demi's as a playable race
  • Added Classes and Structured.
  • New Class: Expert
  • Added Skills: Stealth, Endurance, Willpower

Hyper Pre-Alpha V 1.0

This is the inital version. So horrifically outdated, and disjointed, and crappy.

  • d10
  • CAS were simple -3 to +20 bonus range.
  • Classes were avaiable.
  • Races were available.
  • Basically, this is the version where it was a playable race.

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