There are essentially three components to any good tabletop session; a good story, a fun series of combat scenarios, and non-combat actions by the players. In order for the players to do these things, they need to either talk, or use skills. Skills are representative of a character spending time training in different disciplines. If someone is learning as they go, than skills that are immediately useful will be increased, or really whatever the player fancies. As of PA2 (Pre-Alpha 2.0) there are twelve skills available in game, each scaling with a different CAS. The skills and their scaling stat are:

  • Aim (Grace or Brain)
  • Cast (Brain or Brawn)
  • Endurance (Grit)
  • Finesse (Grace)
  • Knowledge (Brain)
  • Perception (Brain)
  • Silver Tongue (Grace)
  • Stealth (Grace)
  • Strike (Brawn or Grace)
  • Subdue (Brawn)
  • Traverse (Brawn)
  • Willpower (Brain)

Each skill starts off at +0 when you are at Level 0. When you are making your character you have 25 Skill Points to spend as you please among each skill, so long as the number of points doesn't exceed your Level + 5. Each point spent increases the Skill Rank by 1, which in turn increases the bonus by 1. Each race modifies your skills a little bit, and so do your CAS. These modifiers are applied after the Rank bonus, so they CAN exceed the Level + 5 max of the Skill Rank.

All lists of what each skill is used for is merely examples. The skill may be used in a scenario other than described based of how the player wants to approach the situation, and also RM discretion.


Aim (Grace/Brain) Edit

Shooting a target is one thing, but actually landing the hit is another. A lot of people may take up a liking for a bow, rifle, or throwing knives but not everyone is actually good at it. The Aim skill is representative of training to make yourself more useful with ranged weaponry. This skill is additive to your Ranged Weapon Accuracy. Because this skill has Grace and Brain scaling, you use the higher stat here.

Aim is used for:

  • Ranged Weapon Accuracy


Cast (Brain/Brawn) Edit

Magic, while being a common thing on Terra, is still a fairly difficult thing to master. Casting a spell is taxing on the mind and body, and Cast represents a character learning to focus his mind, control his body, and bend the forces of nature to his will with Aether. This skill is additive to your Magic Weapon Accuracy, and also is added to the Manifest Chance of any spell you cast. Because this skill has Brain and Brawn scaling, you use the higher stat here.

Cast is used for:

  • Magic Weapon Accuracy
  • Manifest Chance


Endurance (Grit) Edit

Living on Terra presents a lot of danger. If an outsider was to live for one month on the streets, or in the wilderness, they will learn just what types of dangers are out there. Wild beasts, starvation, poison, dehydration, etc. Endurance is representative of a character learning how to tough it out and survive another day, no matter what type of danger they face.

Endurance is used for:

  • Surviving Starvation
  • Surviving Dehydration
  • Resisting Poison
  • Death Saving Throws

Finesse (Grace)Edit

Certain people have a strong affinity for different types of... questionable activities. There are also people that just happen to enjoy clockwork, or working with circuitry. Either way, these people need a light touch that only Finesse can give. People with a lot of training in finesse can pickpocket really easily, as well as manipulate fine tools and small objects.

Finesse is used for:

  • Pickpocketing
  • Working with Clockwork
  • Working with Circuitry
  • Lockpicking
  • Cracking Safes


There is a lot of information that people can have stored in their minds. Terra alone has three seperate timelines that each have their own plethora of data that is just ripe for the picking. People will usually learn specialized knowledge in medical fields, weapons, creatures, plants, etc. Knowledge is used as a blanket "Huh... do I know this?" type skill. As the skill increases the character will be spending time gathering any useful knowledge, and sometimes even not so useful knowledge. This skill is exclusively rolled on checking memory, not gaining new knowledge, unless its to comprehend a foreign language.

Knowledge is used for:

  • Recalling information the character knows, but not the player
  • Comprehending a foreign language


Most people will go through their daily lives and pass by a lot of interesting things. There could be a bomb hidden under a lamp post, or a stash of arcs hidden somewhere, or even a person who is really good at charming people into scams. Knowing that a threat or cache of treasure or there is different from actually seeing such a thing. This is where Perception comes in. Perception is a measure of how in-tune someone is with their senses, as well as how good a character is at reading another persons expression or tone.

Perception is used for:

  • Spotting traps, treasure, and clues
  • Trying to pick up a conversation or tracking a creature
  • Reading people (Motives, lies, etc.)

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