Within Terra, there is a handful of races that are present. Each race is either Human, or a mutant offshoot of Human genetic code. Each one has distinct physical and mental changes from what they once were, before mutation. As of PA2 (Pre-Alpha V 2.0) there are 4 playable races; Anthromorph, Celestials, Greks, and Humans.

Anthromorphs Edit

Anthromorphs are humans that developed many traits similar to animals. Most have animal fur, ears, and tails, with the rest of their body being shaped and functioning as human. Some Anthromorphs will have more traits of an animal, or more traits of a human. As a whole though, they are fast, graceful, and supremely gifted at getting from point A to point B as fast as physically possible.

CAS Changes Base Health Base Speed Skill Bonuses Utility Bonus
+1 Grace, -1 Brawn 8 18 cm +3 Traverse Sprint


Antromorphs have the ability to move in short, extremely fast bursts. Once per encounter, an Antromorph may declare a move to be a sprint. If they do, they add an extra 6 cm to the move and get a bonus equal to their level to any Traverse checks made during that move.

Celestials Edit

Celestials are humans that have been touched by certain, otherworldly forces. As a result of being changed by the Old Ones, they have undergone a harsh mutation into something more resembling that which once haunted our universe, or so some believe. Celestials are more akin to a human than a sea creature, but have developed some traits not seen above the ocean. In addition, they are highly capable of seeing what is not normally noticed and retaining information.

CAS Changes Base Health Base Speed Skill Bonuses Utility Bonus
+1 Brain, -1 Grace 10 15 cm +3 Perception True Sight

True Sight

Celestials have a certain... knack for seeing things that humans are not normally able to. Once per short rest, a Celestial can activate their True Sight for up to 5 minutes outside of combat, and 5 actions inside combat. While using True Sight, they can see everything between the bottom of the Infra Red spectrum and top of the Ultra Violet spectrum. In addition, all Aether and products of Aether (including spells and enchantments) glow blue in their eyes.

Humans Edit

Humans are the "Base Race" for all of the sentient beings on Terra. They are hearty, determined, and above all flexible. When faced with a series of challenges that test mettle, you can bet on a human surviving somehow. Humans are also unique in that the only thing that separates them massively from the other races is that they have a knack for taking a beating and somehow coming through it unscathed.

CAS Changes Base Health Base Speed Skill Bonus Utility Bonuses
-1 Brain, Brawn and Grace, +1 Grit 10 15 cm +1 to Three Skills +2 CAS Points and +1 Feat at Level 0

Greks Edit

Greks are a rare breed among races, because most don't actually function as sentient races. They were originally made as an experiment in efficiency that became total enslavement of an entire country. These experiments melded insectoid features into the human form, giving them double joints, occasional telepathy, and a tough exoskeleton. The problem is, that all Non-Royal Greks are not fully sentient. Royal Greks are another matter entirely, being stronger and tougher than other races, but not nearly as smart. graceful, or fast, and able to occasionally subjugate others.

((Developers Notes: All players are assumed to be Royal Greks.))

CAS Changes Base Health Base Speed Skill Bonus Utility Bonus
+1 Brawn and Grit, -1 Brain and Grace 12 13 cm +3 Endurance Subjugation


Royal Greks are able to exert their will upon other sentient races. Once per short rest, they take an action to attempt to Subjugate an enemy. When they do, the player makes a Silver Tongue check, contested by the target's Willpower. If the enemy isn't sentient, they receive a bonus to their Silver Tongue check equal to their Level. If they succeed the check, they give the target a single command ,that the target must do during their turn.

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