Where CAS are the broad spectrum measurements of a character, Measures are what tie everything together. This page will detail what each measure is and how they are derived from various things. Fair warning, many formulas will follow.

Health Edit

Health is a measure of how many hits a character can take before the drop dead. Health is decreased every time a character is hit, or takes a blunder. If it reaches zero, a death saving throw is made.

Health is determined by the following formula:

  • Racial Base + Grit Score + Level + Feat Bonuses

Health can be restored by the use of certain consumables or by taking a rest.

Aether Edit

Aether is a measure of someones capability to cast spells without stopping. Every time a spell is cast it consumes a bit of Aether.

Aether is determined by the following formula

  • 5 + Brain Score

Aether, like Health, can be restored by certain consumables or by taking a rest.

Stamina Edit

Stamina is a measure of how much someone can do without tiring themselves too much. This is consumed whenever you move, sprint, or attack.

Stamina is determined by the following formula

  • 5 + The higher of Brawn or Grace score

Stamina is restored at the end of every turn in combat by an amount equal to your Modifier of the appropriate score.

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